A Night with Evander Holyfield

A Night with Evander Holyfield

An Evening with Evander Holyfield was a big success!

We owe our gratitude to all our sponsors, the Tri-Cities Big Band, the Three Rivers Convention Center, Tesla owner Jim House, and all of our wonderful clients that made it all possible.

We celebrated another great year with over 200 of our clients, guests and sponsors. We enjoyed fun, food, music and the great stories from Evander “The Real Deal’ Holyfield. Thank you, Evander, for being so gracious with your time and for sharing your history with our friends.

We also wanted to thank those of you who donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties. Although our event wasn’t a fundraiser, your efforts supported this valuable local charity with over $30,000 in donations including Cornerstone’s $10,000 match. This, with Cornerstone’s sponsorship of the Boys & Girls Clubs Dinner With Friends brought the total check to over $50,000! Way to go!


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