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Savor the Simplicity of the Community Property Agreement

As one year comes to an end and another begins, it’s worth taking stock of your estate plan and ponder whether Washington State’s Community Property Agreement is right for you. In all the complexity of the estate plan, the Community Property Agreement is one document in particular that offers simplicity and yet is still a powerful component to an estate plan. It can be drafted on a single page and contain fewer words than this article. And, it provides [...]

Estate Plan Strategy: Tax Deferral with the IRA Stretch

Your Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is special. The beauty of the IRA is that a person does not pay income tax on assets that go into the IRA. The assets are contributed pre-tax and they grow tax-deferred. It is an effective strategy to both save for retirement and to reduce your current taxable income and thus your resulting tax. And, it can also be implemented to provide asset protection as well. Washington law generally provides that qualified retirement [...]


The New Growth Engine An important shift has taken place in this economic cycle. The Federal Reserve(Fed) was finally able to start following through on its projected rate hike path, raising rates twice in just over a three-month period. By doing so, the Fed showed increasing trust that the economy has largely met its dual mandate of 2% inflation and full employment, that the economy is progressively able to stand on its own two feet, and that fiscal policy may [...]

Matthew Riesenweber Recognized by LPL Financial as a Top Financial Advisor

MATTHEW RIESENWEBER Recognized by LPL Financial as a Top Financial Advisor Kennewick, WA — March, 2017 — Matthew Riesenweber, an independent LPL Financial advisor at Cornerstone Wealth Strategies in Kennewick, today announced that he was recognized as a top LPL Financial advisor and named to the Chairman’s Council. This premier award is presented to less than 2% of the firm’s approximately 14,000 advisors nationwide, ranked by overall production. “On behalf of LPL, I applaud Matt Riesenweber for earning this distinction and [...]