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Investment Management

We are strong advocates of a well-rounded approach to our clients’ finances. We offer investment management that is tailored in conjunction with financial planning to provide appropriate strategies that seek to achieve clients’ short- and long-term goals. Our team works to develop a thorough understanding for each client’s risk tolerance, investment goals and time horizon to create a customized investment portfolio.

Retirement Plan

Retirement Planning

A successful retirement is the highest financial priority for many people. Cornerstone’s planning team helps to create a realistic strategy for funding a retirement plan that balances current financial demands with expected needs many years into the future. Because of the long-term nature of retirement, and all the variables that go into a potential success or failure, we work very closely with clients to gather and analyze the various pieces to the retirement puzzle.


Income Planning

Income planning ensures that our clients’ assets work with their plan to recreate their paycheck after retirement. With detailed cash flow analysis, Cornerstone’s advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ build an income plan that fits specified needs and objectives. Some examples of what we consider are expenses, goals, social security analysis, pensions, investment or rental income, required minimum distributions (RMD), to name a few.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a key component of wealth accumulation, preservation, and legacy protection. Cornerstone advisors can help provide guidance on the fundamental components of the tax system, including estate taxes, income taxes, and gift taxes, to name a few. As part of our holistic approach, our advisors work together with accountants to help our clients understand, mitigate, and/or eliminate potential tax liabilities of proposed planning strategies.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a critical part of any comprehensive financial plan. Once we’ve guided our clients toward a strong financial foundation, we do everything we can to help protect and grow their legacies for future generations. Our Advanced Planner reviews clients’ goals and works closely with tax and legal advisors to ensure that their estate planning needs are accurately reflected in their financial plans.

Education Planning

Education Planning

As costs of higher education rise, the need to start saving earlier has never been more important. Education planning is the process of creating a realistic strategy for funding higher education costs. The Cornerstone team can help create and implement a plan that works alongside our clients’ comprehensive financial plan.

Business planning

Business Planning

With our own experience as small business owners, combined with our role as advisors, we provide informed guidance to our clients on business planning strategies. These strategies can include anything from employee benefits planning to investment management to succession planning. We can also work towards integrating, or separating, business and personal finances per our clients’ goals.

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