No matter what your financial destination may be, we can help build the roadmap and guide you on your journey. Our team works together in an effort to provide a straight-forward, painless experience. We strive to ensure that every client interaction from the first phone call to regular review meetings, and beyond, is tailored to each person’s circumstances and goals. The first steps generally involve meeting with our advisors, as well as communicating with our support team. Whether you choose to engage our services in investment management or financial planning, we personalize your experience, utilizing a team-based approach.


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Free Initial Consultation

Either by phone, virtually, or in person, your first meeting with one of our advisors involves discussing your financial goals and how Cornerstone can help you work towards them.


Our advisors then analyze your current portfolio and financial picture, discuss optimization opportunities, and show you the value Cornerstone can bring to your financial future.

Client Onboarding

Depending on your needs, you may choose to engage in planning or investment management. If you select our team to manage your investments, we collect your information and initiate account openings, transfers, rollovers, etc. If you opt to initially focus on a financial plan, we begin the data gathering process.



Work with a Certified Financial Planner™ to create a customized plan tailored to you! Here at Cornerstone, we believe no single plan is the same. Starting with our comprehensive information gathering and strategy session process, we strive to understand what your goals are and what is important to you. We can get as detailed as you want, looking at retirement planning, income planning, cash flow analysis, tax planning, estate planning, and college planning, to name a few.


Need an estate plan, but don’t know where to start? Our advanced planner, Beau Ruff, helps you understand and create a vision for your estate plan. After collecting relevant information, Beau will walk you through a decision tree on various options before providing you with references to local attorneys to draft the related documents. Many clients have never engaged in estate planning, or maybe it’s been many years. The process is simple and straightforward at Cornerstone; you don’t need to know anything about estate planning or even how you’d like your plan set up. After collecting relevant information, Beau will walk you through a decision tree on various options. By the end, you will understand the components of your plan and how they work together to pursue your goals.

Moving Forward

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Regular account review

• Investment Updates
• Economic Updates
• Beneficiary Updates
•Account Maintenance


• Life Event Changes
• Scenario Planning
• Tracking Success of Goals

ACTIVE investment management

• Mutual Funds
• ETFs
• Stocks
• No Trade Fees

Client Experience

• Personalized Assistance
• Newsletters & Alerts
• Proactive Outreach
• Multiple Events per Year
• No phone trees, just people!


• Quarterly Market Updates
• Workshops
• Webinars
• Helpful Articles

RETIREMENT assistance

• Pension & Retirement Plans
• Social Security & Medicare

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