Held to the fiduciary standard of care in advisory relationships, Cornerstone believes that, in order to earn our advisory fee, it is our duty to help our clients do better than they can on their own.  We construct our investment portfolios in accordance with time-tested scientific principles derived from Modern Portfolio Theory and incorporated into the Prudent Investor Act. Utilizing both passive and actively managed funds in our portfolios, we feel our duty is to try to help you beat the index, not just match it. We know we won’t beat the indexes every month or every quarter, but, over time, we strive to do so.

Cornerstone doesn’t try to “time” the market. Instead, we take a long view when it comes to our investments and can be quite nimble when necessary. If we see something on the horizon that worries us, or an opportunity that excites us, we have the capability to trade our accounts nearly instantaneously to affect the portfolio change, without an extra fee to our clients.

Cornerstone places the needs of our clients at the forefront of every decision made and solution developed. As independent advisors, we provide clients with advice that is centered on their unique financial needs. We do not offer proprietary products; our sole purpose is to provide clients with customized advice focused on a successful financial future.

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